Crimped Heatsink

Cofan’s crimped heatsink is a thermal management device used to dissipate heat from electronic components. Its structure comprises a base and multiple fins, typically made of materials like aluminum. These fins are mechanically attached to the base through a crimping process, which involves pressing them into grooves or slots. This ensures tight contact between the fins and the base, crucial for efficient heat transfer. Cofan’s manufacturing involves creating grooves or slots in the base where the fins will be inserted, followed by pressing or crimping the fins into place. This process is cost-effective compared to other methods, making crimped heatsinks a popular choice.
The advantages of crimped heatsinks include their versatility and cost-effectiveness. They can be designed in various shapes and sizes to fit different electronic systems, offering reliable performance across a wide range of applications. The lightweight nature of aluminum used in their construction is beneficial for portable electronics and weight-sensitive applications.These heatsinks find applications in consumer electronics, power electronics, LED lighting, and telecommunications equipment. Additionally, they can be enhanced with additional cooling technologies such as thermal interface materials, fans, and heat pipes to improve their thermal performance further.


Type: Crimped Fin
Brand Name: Cofan Thermal
Place of Origin: China
Application: LED Lighting Fixture
Delivery Time: 4 Week L/T

- Product Information -

Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Cofan Thermal
Al 1070 and Al 1050
As Shown in the Picture
Lighting Fixture
233 x 70mm
Electrophoresis Black
Delivery TIme:
4 Weeks L/T

Cofan’s crimped fin heatsinks are widely used in thermal management to dissipate heat from electronic components and systems. They are characterized by their unique fin structure, where the fins are mechanically crimped to the base of the heatsink. This method of attaching fins provides several advantages, making crimped fin heatsinks suitable for various applications. Here are some key points regarding their applications:

  1. Electronics Cooling

    • Microprocessors and GPUs: Crimped fin heatsinks are commonly used to cool microprocessors, graphics processing units (GPUs), and other high-power components in computers and servers.
    • Power Electronics: They are used in power electronic devices, such as inverters, power supplies, and motor controllers, to manage heat generated during operation.
    • Telecommunication Equipment: Heatsinks are essential for cooling components in telecommunication devices, such as base stations and network switches.

  2. LED Lighting

    • High-Power LEDs: Crimped fin heatsinks help dissipate heat from high-power LED assemblies, ensuring efficient operation and longevity of the LEDs.

  3. Automotive Industry

    • Electronic Control Units (ECUs): Automotive ECUs require efficient cooling to maintain performance and reliability. Crimped fin heatsinks are used in these applications.
    • Electric Vehicles (EVs): EV components such as battery management systems and inverters also benefit from crimped fin heatsinks.

  4. Industrial Equipment

    • Heavy Machinery: Industrial equipment with high-power electronic components uses crimped fin heatsinks for thermal management.
    • Renewable Energy Systems: In wind turbines and solar inverters, these heatsinks help manage the heat generated by electronic controls and power conversion systems.

  5. Medical Devices

    • Diagnostic Equipment: Medical imaging and diagnostic devices, which generate significant heat, often utilize crimped fin heatsinks for cooling critical components.
    • Life Support Systems: The reliability and performance of life support systems can be enhanced by effective thermal management using these heatsinks.
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