Compact DC Blowers


Compact DC Blowers

20~254mm products

COFAN has been delivering fan and blower technology for more than 30 years. All our compact DC blowers are safety qualified to UL/cUL 62368-1 and supported by our one year warranty. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016 certified. Our DC brushless motor technology delivers lasting performance with our two-ball bearing life expectancy (L10 at 40°C) ranging 30,000 ~ 100,000 hours. Test and inspection reports ship with every order to confirm our delivered quality.

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BGE04020 40 x 20mm Compact DC Blower40.0020.005,122.1-3.0B,FXXX
BGE05015 50 x 15mm Compact DC Blower50.0015.005,12,242.5-5.3B,FXXX
BGE06025 60 x 25mm Compact DC Blower60.0025.00125.6-15.1B,FXXX
BGE07515B 75 x 15mm Compact DC Blower75.0015.00127.4-11.9BXXX
BGE07530 75 x 30mm Compact DC Blower75.0030.0012,2410.9-22.5B,FXXX
BGE09733B 97 x 33mm Compact DC Blower97.0033.0012,2416.3-28.8BXXX
BGE12032B 120 x 32mm Compact DC Blower120.0032.001224.6-37.5BXXX

Specificatons for all our Compact DC Blowers

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