Axial DC Fans


Axial DC Fans

20-120mm products

COFAN has been delivering Axial DC fan and blower technology for more than 30 years. All our compact axial DC fans are safety qualified to UL/cUL 62368-1 and ARE supported by our one year warranty. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016 certified. Our brushless motor technology used in our Axial DC Fans delivers lasting performance with our two-ball bearing life expectancy (L10 at 40°C) ranging 30,000 ~ 100,000 hours. Test and inspection reports ship with every axial dc fan order to confirm our delivered quality. OEM and system integrators use our fans in every type of electronics application for reliable and cost-effective thermal management of electronic components and systems.

To find the right DC axial fan for your cooling requirements, use our selection table below. For special requirements, Contact us for a fast solution.

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F-2006 20 x 6 mm Axial DC Fan20.006.005,120.3-0.7F/CXXXXXX
F-2010 20 x 10mm Axial DC Fan20.0010.005,120.5-0.95B/F/C/SXXX
F-2510I 25 x 10mm Axial DC Fan25.0010.003.3,5,120.83-1.93BXXX
F-2510II 25 x 10mm Axial DC Fan25.0010.003.3,5,121.38-2.85BXXX
F-3006 30 x 6mm Axial DC Fan30.006.0052-3.5F/CXXX
F-3010BI 30 x 10mm Axial DC Fan30.0010.003.3,5,122.18-4.36BXXXXXX
F-3010III 30 x 10mm Axial DC Fan30.0010.005,123.00-5.53BXXX
F-4007 40 x 7mm Axial DC Fan40.007.005,125.52-6.36CXXX
F-4010I 40 x 10mm Axial DC Fan40.0010.003.3,5,124.58-8.90BXXXXXX
F-4010II 40 x 10mm Axial DC Fan40.0010.005,125.39-8.90BXXX
F-4020I 40 x 20mm Axial DC Fan40.0020.005,12,244.73-12.24BXXXXX
F-4020III 40 x 20mm Axial DC Fan40.0020.005,12,245.87-12.17BXXXXX
F-4028I 40 x 28mm Axial DC Fan40.0028.0012,246.64-23.41BXXXXX
F-4028II 40 x 28mm Axial DC Fan40.0028.0012,246.5-21.62BXXXXX
F-4510 45 x 10mm Axial DC Fan45.0010.005,12,248.04-10.24BXXXXX
F-5010BIV 45 x 10mm Axial DC Fan45.0010.00122.16-2.99BXXXXXX
F-5025 50 x 25mm Axial DC Fan50.0025.0012,248.35-25.11BXXXXXX
F-6010BIII 60 x 10mm Axial DC Fan60.0010.005,124.12-6.14BXXXXXX
F-6010II 60 x 10mm Axial DC Fan60.0010.005,12,247.62-18.90BXXX
F-6015I 60 x 15mm Axial DC Fan60.0015.005,12,2415.38-29.32BXXXXXX
F-6015II 60 x 15mm Axial DC Fan60.0015.001210.47-26.11BXXXXXX
F-6020 60 x 20mm Axial DC Fan60.0020.005,12,2410.5-24.21BXXXXXX
F-6025 60 x 25mm Axial DC Fan60.0025.005,12,247.03-34.11BXXXXXX
F-6038 60 x 38mm Axial DC Fan60.0038.0012,24,4834.00-49.86BXXXXXX
F-7010 70 x 10mm Axial DC Fan70.0010.005.12.2418.94-29.36BXXXXXX
F-7015I 70 x 15mm Axial DC Fan70.0015.007,12,2412.29-46.19BXXXXXX
F-7015III 70 x 15mm Axial DC Fan70.0015.001222.52-37.36BXXXXXX
F-7025I 70 x 25mm Axial DC Fan70.0025.005,12,2424.23-50.17BXXXXXX
F-7025II 70 x 25mm Axial DC Fan70.0025.005,12,2421.73-49.14BXXXXXX
F-7025III 70 x 25mm Axial DC Fan70.0025.005,12,2427.92-58.54BXXXXXX
F-7038 70 x 38mm Axial DC Fan70.0038.0012,24,4829.28-56.22BXXXXXX
F-8010 80 x 10mm Axial DC Fan80.0010.005,123.56-4.38BXXXXXX
F-8015I 80 x 15mm Axial DC Fan80.0015.0012,2429.29-46.81BXXXXXX
F-8015II 80 x 15mm Axial DC Fan80.0015.0012,2429.54-46.75BXXXXXX
F-8020 80 x 20mm Axial DC Fan80.0020.005,12,24,4824.55-56.44BXXXXXX
F-8025 80 x 25mm Axial DC Fan80.0025.005,12,24,4824.25-66.22BXXXXXX
F-8025II 80 x 25mm Axial DC Fan80.0025.005,12,20,24,4824.70-63.66BXXXXXX
F-8038 80 x 38mm Axial DC Fan80.0038.0012,24,4841.52-90.50BXXXXXX
F-9225I 92 x 25mm Axial DC Fan92.0025.005,12,24,4837.84-77.83BXXXXXX
F-9225III 92 x 25mm Axial DC Fan92.0025.0012,2449.48-82.49BXXXXXX
F-9238 92 x 38mm Axial DC Fan92.0038.0012,24,4866.46-125.34BXXXXXX
F-1225I 120 x 25mm Axial DC Fan120.0025.0012,24,4850.72-103.82BXXXXXX
F-1225II 120 x 25mm Axial DC Fan120.0025.0012,24,4854.30-123.66BXXXXXX
F-1238 120 x 38mm Axial DC Fan120.0038.0012,24,4897.19-208.06BXXXXXX

Specificatons for all our Axial DC Fans

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